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Learn to Write with Print & e-Editions

Cover Sample Spread 
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In every state and school district, teachers are being challenged to improve literacy skills, boost student assessment scores and do a better job preparing students for higher education and life. To help them meet this goal, Hollister Kids has created this exciting teaching package for print and e-Editions for elementary and middle school students. Formatted for 8.5x11 use, this package combines the work of one of Hollister’s most engaging illustrators with a dynamic program that will help students improve performance in all kinds of writing in advance of state tests. With the print or e-Edition newspaper as a model, “Learn to Write” offers detailed instruction on how to improve expository writing, creative writing, opinion writing, descriptive writing and more. Practical activities show students how to get to the point, recognize key details and pick the best words for the best results. Every page includes activities that use the print newspaper or e-Edition. This package also reinforces the message that reading good writing in the print or electronic newspaper can help students improve their own writing. “Learn to Write with Print & e-Editions” can be distributed as a download from your e-Edition Web site, by e-mail or as a printed booklet.

Sample Newspaper Activity
PICTURE THIS. Writers use words to paint pictures that tell readers what things look like or places feel like. In today’s newspaper or e-Edition, find a news or feature story that contains details describing a setting, institution or activity of your community. Circle every word or phrase that gives you a picture of what the place is like. Then put these words into categories: Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Noun. Which kind of words appeared most? In the space provided, write why you think that is the case.

Sponsor Suggestion
Literacy organizations, libraries, neighborhood and community organizations, writing-supply companies, PTAs, state education departments, fraternal and civic groups, Rotary or Jaycees, business organizations, local journalism groups.