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World War II D-Day 60

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This dynamic new NIE package commemorates the dedication of the National World War II Memorial in Washington on May 29, 2004, and the 60th anniversary of D-Day on June 6, 2004. The material can be run as a series of 10 quarter-page in-paper features, or as a Teacher Guide. It features the dramatic, first-person account of a young paratrooper who jumped behind enemy lines in France in support of the troops coming ashore at Normandy. The series then ties the history of World War II to current events through newspaper activities specially crafted to accompany the narrative. The package explores the character values of duty, courage and discipline and reveals the ultimate humanity of soldiers even amid chaos and destruction. As readers progress through the installments, they will recognize not only the soldiers of World War II, but soldiers making news today. Because of the tremendous response from VETERANS as well as teachers, this material will be offered as a SUMMER READING SERIES under the title “Paratrooper—A Summer Series.”

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Veterans or civic groups, VFW or American Legion posts, military bases or recruiting offices.