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Living Black History - How Current Events Connect With Heritage

Cover Sample Spread 
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Hollister Kids’ “Living Black History” supplement was created to demonstrate that African American history is not something that happened hundreds of years ago, but something that is being added to every day. This was dramatically proven in 2008 with the election of Barack Obama as president, but other milestones continue to be achieved in fields other than politics. To keep pace, Hollister Kids updates this popular supplement every year. This year’s edition is now ready, and in addition to a look at how the midterm elections will affect the Obama presidency it includes new sections on NASA leader Charles Bolden, TV pioneer Robin Roberts, Oscar winner Mo’Nique, speed skater Shani Davis, the enduring influence of the Coretta Scott King Children’s Book Awards and the importance of black businesses to the nation’s economy.

Sample Newspaper Activity
THE NEWS AS HISTORY - The election of Barack Obama as president has written a new chapter in the history of the United States. He not only is the first African American elected to be president, but his campaign broke new ground in the way it reached and communicated with voters through email, text messaging, YouTube and the Internet. As a class, talk about the kinds of change Obama could bring to the nation as president and which you think will be the most important. Then talk about the changes you would most like to see from the new president.

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