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Census 2010: Who We Are

Cover Sample Spread 
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The population count taken every 10 years in the United States tells the story of how the country is growing. The Census also reveals how the country is changing. This 20-page supplement explores the shifts in ethnic populations, wealth and education and gives students a chance to conduct a Census of their own. Special sections look at Hispanic American, African American and Asian American communities, families and children, jobs and business, and health challenges. To support the supplement, three half-page Census stories in the style of Hollister’s Newspaper Plus will be offered leading up to Census Day on April 1. Samples will be available in January.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Government leaders need statistical information to make decisions for the nation, their state or their community. Find a story in the local section of the newspaper about government plans for the community. Write out three kinds of statistics you think government leaders should have before making their decision.