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Ethan and Damon Are Friends - A Beginning Reader

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It is especially important that students get off to a good start when they are taking their first steps in reading. To help get them on their way, Hollister Kids is offering this charming new beginning reader supplement. This special section for Grades K-2 takes a universal story of friendship and uses it to teach the basics of reading. As students follow the activities of two young boys, they will build skills with vowels, consonants, syllables, sentence structure, beginning and ending sounds and more. With photos of a wide range of activities, they will get practice in oral and writing skills by telling what is happening in the pictures and what might happen next. This text has been reviewed by elementary reading teachers and given an enthusiastic thumbs up! It also lists all the education standards addressed by the activities for easy reference by teachers. As one reviewer put it: “I really, really, really liked that you included a curriculum skills list. This will ensure a much wider teacher audience in this present teach-to-the-test environment (because most teachers are required to list curriculum skills in each lesson plan). Your unit shows you can still teach the curriculum outside the box!” Tiered activities offer challenges for older or faster-learning students, while helping others take their first reading steps. Introduction for teachers gives tips and instruction for tailoring the activities to students of varying abilities.

Sample Newspaper Activity
WITH YOUR TEACHER�Damon’s name has a Long A sound. Write the two biggest words you can that have a Long A sound, such as cake. Ethan’s name begins with a Long E sound. Write the two biggest words you can that have a Long E sound, such as meet. Look for words in the newspaper that have Long A and Long E sounds. Then find words that have Long I, Long O and Long U sounds. Say them out loud.

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