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Math in the News

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This middle-school follow-up to our popular “Math Carnival” tab is a piece that really adds up. It also won a gold medal in the 2006 Distinguished Achievement Awards Competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress). Every day, math makes news in the world, and understanding math can help students understand how the world works. Product prices, sports statistics and entertainment ratings all are based on math. So are business profits, salaries, taxes and the digital technology that drives everything from DVDs to the Internet. To help students recognize how important math is in their lives, Hollister Kids is offering this exciting new middle school supplement. In this section, students will learn to recognize the math connections in life through word problems drawn from stories that actually appeared in newspapers around the country. Use-the-newspaper activities then extend the learning as writing or discussion prompts. Act now to order “Math in the News.” Show your students that when math makes news, numbers come alive!

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