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Baseball—Major League

Cover Sample Spread 
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Baseball is a game that brings people together. It unites people of different nations, races and ethnic backgrounds. It unites people of different experiences and skills. It unites different players as teams. It unites fans as a community. Baseball can also teach a lot. It can teach the strengths of diversity and the values of teamwork. It can teach how to be responsible and the rewards of working hard. It can teach us the importance of learning in everything we do. In this brand-new special section students will learn how baseball links the United States with other nations. They will learn how it connects with the history of our own nation. They will learn how statistics teach math, curve balls teach science and team names teach geography. And they will learn how communication connects everything. Customize this tab for your local team with photos and local text and you will have a championship program. Available in versions for both Major League and Minor League markets. Play ball!

Sample Newspaper Activity
In every community important buildings bring people together. Buildings also are symbols. The design of a building, or a facility like a baseball stadium or ballpark, may symbolize the goals of a community, its achievements, its history or its future. Look at photos of ballparks in the newspaper. What feelings do you have when you look at a stadium? Write a short newspaper editorial describing those feelings, and what they might make people feel about the team or its city.

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