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Totally Tech: Your Complete Guide to Computers, Hardware, Software and the Internet

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This supplement written by a newspaper computer columnist teaches students how to make the most of advances in computers and technology, how to find what they need on the Internet and how to avoid becoming a “cyber victims.” Honored as “Best New Product for High School” by NIE judges for the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, it teaches students how to protect their computers from viruses, how to find the best software, where to get cool free stuff online, and what things are not free — or cool — to use. Best of all, it offers important lessons in critical thinking, ethics and copyright restrictions.

Sample Newspaper Activity
To use the Internet, you need high-tech skills. You also need critical thinking skills. Critical thinking means judging the quality and source of information when you find it. Use the newspaper to practice the critical thinking you will need on the Internet. Look through stories in the news section and find a source of information you think would be reliable. Write a sentence explaining why. Then find a source you think might have an agenda or point of view. Write a sentence asking questions you would want answered before relying on this source. Finish by finding a claim or statement in an advertisement. Write three questions you would want answered as a consumer to better understand the statement.

Sponsor Suggestion
Computer companies, technology schools, computer literacy groups, parent groups, PTAs, school districts, technology business associations.