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Wyland Water Supplement: Oceans

Cover Sample Spread 
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Whale murals by the artist known as Wyland have brought attention to oceans and marine life all over the world. Now the Wyland Foundation has teamed with Hollister Kids to create five NIE supplements exploring water issues faced by communities and habitats in the United States and other countries. Each supplement addresses the challenges facing a different water habitat: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Wetlands and Estuaries. And each centerspread is a handsome full-color Wyland illustration focusing on water issues. Use-the-newspaper activities connect the topics covered to environmental issues making news every day, and NIE teachers can download a FREE 90-page Teacher Guide from the Wyland Foundation Web site. The Oceans supplement draws on Wyland’s long involvement in marine and environmental issues through his art to paint a comprehensive picture of challenges facing the world’s oceans. The 20-page section explains how oceans came to be, how they connect to watersheds on land and how human activities affect ocean habitats. Case studies look at challenges faced by coral reefs and kelp forests. Profiles of people making a difference show how students can get involved to protect and preserve ocean life in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Oceans affect the lives of people in many ways. People eat fish or lobster. They go to beaches. They buy goods that travel in ships over the sea. Look through the newspaper and make a list of ways the ocean is connected to things in the paper. Stretch your thinking. Some effects may not be direct!

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