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Wyland Water Supplement: Wetlands

Cover Sample Spread 
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Whale murals by the artist known as Wyland have brought attention to oceans and marine life all over the world. Now the Wyland Foundation has teamed with Hollister Kids to create five NIE supplements exploring water issues faced by communities and habitats in the United States and other countries. Each supplement addresses the challenges facing a different water habitat: Wetlands, Lakes, Rivers, Estuaries and Oceans. And each centerspread is a handsome full-color Wyland illustration focusing on water issues. Use-the-newspaper activities connect the topics covered to environmental issues making news every day, and NIE teachers can download a FREE 90-page Teacher Guide from the Wyland Foundation Web site. The debut of the Wetlands and Rivers supplements coincides with a month-long “Barging Down the Mississippi” tour by the Wyland Foundation through the Mississippi River watershed in October. The tour features clean water activities promoting the preservation and restoration of the Mississippi watershed, education and entertainment events and personal appearances by Wyland. Classroom studies will promote volunteerism, and classes will be invited to local zoos or aquariums to extend the learning through interpretive exhibits and educational materials. Students also will get to participate in water quality testing and live painting events, at which they will learn how art can be used to promote environmental efforts. Stops on the tour include Minneapolis, Dubuque (IA), Madison (WI), Indianapolis, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Springfield (MO), Memphis, Jackson (MS) and New Orleans—though all NIE programs will benefit from these water materials. The Wetlands supplement explains the important role wetlands play in watersheds, how they came to be and challenges they face from development and human activities. It outlines how watersheds work and details the differences between freshwater marshes, coastal marshes, mangrove swamps, prairie potholes and peat bogs. The centerspread offers a colorful look at the Everglades, and other features explore major wetlands like the Pantanal Freshwater Marsh of South America, Asian peat bogs in West Siberia, swamps in New Guinea and tidal mud flats in Alaska. Profiles of people making a difference show how students can get involved to protect and preserve wetlands in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Wetlands support a wide variety of animals and plants. The mix of plants and animals in each wetland creates a wetland ecosystem. Look through newspapers and magazines and collect photos or pictures of animals that you think would live together in the same wetland ecosystem. Create a poster-size picture of an ecosystem in which you think the animals you selected could live. Label your animals and explain how the animals are connected in the ecosystem.

Sponsor Suggestion
environmental groups, water businesses and industries, utilities, civic groups, lake associations, conservation groups, recreation businesses or areas, resorts, boat or yacht makers, marine supply firms, state environmental agencies