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The Middle East

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Events are reaching a crucial stage in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and other hotspots in the Middle East. This supplement helps students understand the culture, conflicts and politics of the Middle East by profiling the nations there and explaining the issues that make them important to America. It was voted “Best New Product for High School” by SNPA NIE judges and was a double finalist in the national Distinguished Achievement Awards competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP/EdPress). Drawing on its history of creating NIE products that respond to the news, Hollister Kids created this 20-page supplement for Grades 5 and up to explain how conflicts in the Middle East have ramifications for all nations. It explains the current political developments by detailing the individual histories of more than 20 nations in the region and exploring how their cultures, politics and heritage are interconnected. With clear, concise news writing, each page takes a close look at a nation in the news, ties its history to the latest developments and gives students added understanding by exploring key issues through the newspaper. This supplement will be updated periodically throughout the fall and school year to respond to the latest developments in Iraq, Israel, Lebanon and the region. This supplement comes with a list of the national education standards it addresses in history, social studies and geography. It also meets current events requirements now in place in many states, and it would be a great choice for Geography Month in November. Understanding the long and complicated history of the Middle East is not easy for people from other nations, but learning this history may be more important now than at any time in the past.

Sample Newspaper Activity
The United States would like to achieve peace between Israel, the Palestinians and neighboring Arab countries. Religious and ethnic hatreds have existed in the region for years, however, and at times have erupted into conflict. Brainstorm with classmates what steps could be taken by the United States to overcome the differences involved. Would your approach include punishments for either side? Write a short newspaper editorial giving your opinon on what steps the United States could take to advance peace in the Middle East.