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Hispanic Art & Design

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Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the achievements and heritage of Hispanic Americans each year from the middle of September to the middle of October. This new supplement teaches students about Hispanic contributions to art, design, fashion, architecture and other creative fields that shape our lives. This bilingual package also explains and explores the growing influence of Hispanic Americans throughout the United States. The supplement comes with a FREE Teacher Guide that can extend deliveries of newspapers up to four weeks. Because creation of this supplement was made possible by the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, it is branded with the Fund logo and includes a quarter-page thank you ad acknowledging the Fund’s support on the inside back cover. NIE programs are free, however, to seek local sponsorship, and to use the back page to acknowledge local sponsors. The support of Ford Motor Company Fund may open doors for sponsorship by local Ford dealerships. No competing auto companies may be sponsors. These materials are not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Architects try to design buildings that are both functional and attractive. Look through the newspaper and find two pictures showing the outsides of buildings; one that you like a lot and another that you don’t like. Tape the pictures to opposite sides of a piece of paper. Next to one, write five things you like about the building. Next to the other, write five things you don’t like. Then write a paragraph on what you’ve learned about what you like and don’t like in buildings from looking at the two pictures.

Sponsor Suggestion
Hispanic business or neighborhood associations, corporations with strong Hispanic constituencies, Hispanic political groups or leaders, diversity groups, colleges and universities.