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The Land Connects Us

Cover Sample Spread 
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From fruit in lunchboxes to wood in floors to gasoline in cars, the land connects people. This supplement teaches students about products that come from the land and the occupations that provide them. Fields covered include agriculture, forestry, mining, ranching, water resources and outdoor recreation. The supplement comes with a FREE Teachers Guide that can extend deliveries of newspapers up to four weeks. Because creation of this supplement was made possible by the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, it is branded with the Fund logo and includes a quarter-page thank you ad acknowledging the Fund’s support on the inside back cover. NIE programs are free, however, to seek local sponsorship, and to use the back page to acknowledge local sponsors. The support of Ford Motor Company Fund may open doors for sponsorship by local Ford dealerships. No competing auto companies may be sponsors. These materials are not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Resources from the land have played an important part in the history and development of every community. As a class, discuss why your community was settled, and what resources played a role in its settlement. Then use the newspaper to find an institution, business or other feature of the community today that has its roots in the land resources on which the area was founded. Write a paragraph or short paper describing the roots of this institution or feature, and illustrate it with original drawings or photos clipped from the newspaper.

Sponsor Suggestion
Agriculture, ranching, forestry, mining or recreation organizations or trade groups, environmental groups, parks, local governments, tourist organizations, equipment companies