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Mothers of the Movement

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This new Black History supplement takes a look at women who got their start in the Civil Rights Movement and opened the doors for African American women who followed at local, state and national levels. It was voted “Best New Product for Elementary School” by SNPA NIE judges and was honored nationally in the Distinguished Achievement competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP/EdPress). The supplement comes with a FREE Teachers Guide that can extend deliveries of newspapers up to four weeks. Because creation of this supplement was made possible by the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, it is branded with the Fund logo and includes a quarter-page thank you ad acknowledging the Fund’s support on the inside back cover. NIE programs are free, however, to seek local sponsorship, and to use the back page to acknowledge local sponsors. The support of Ford Motor Company Fund may open doors for sponsorship by local Ford dealerships. No competing auto companies may be sponsors. These materials are not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Rosa Parks will be remembered for many things, but one of the most important will be the message that one person can always make a difference. As a class, discuss how this approach can have an effect on both large and small issues. Talk about how the actions of individual people made a differnce in the Civil Rights Movement. Use the newspaper to find people who are making a differnce in your community today. Then write how an action or decision you could take could make a differnce to others or to the community.

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Civil rights groups, current events groups, political leaders, political parties, lawyers, law associations, PTAs, literacy groups