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Multicultural Women of Achievement

Cover Sample Spread 
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American women hold top positions in nearly all types of work, but breaking through the “glass ceilings” that kept them out of power was not easy. This new Women’s History supplement teaches how leading women overcame discrimination to succeed and how women of color found their journeys even more difficult. The supplement comes with a FREE Teachers Guide that can extend deliveries of newspapers up to four weeks. Because creation of this supplement was made possible by the support of Ford Motor Company Fund, it is branded with the Fund logo and includes a quarter-page thank you ad acknowledging the Fund’s support on the inside back cover. NIE programs are free, however, to seek local sponsorship, and to use the back page to acknowledge local sponsors. The support of Ford Motor Company Fund may open doors for sponsorship by local Ford dealerships. No competing auto companies may be sponsors. These materials are not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Women have made important contributions to the nation’s history and continue to make news today. Search the newspaper or the Internet to find an article about a woman making history by being the “first” to do something. Read the article. Then write a paragraph explaining why the woman’s actions are important and what opportunities they will open up for other women. Write a second paragraph describing the influence the woman’s background or ethnic heritage had on her success.

Sponsor Suggestion
Women’s organizations, women’s business groups, businesses owned by women