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The Constitution in the News

Cover Sample Spread 
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When we developed this supplement, we felt it was one of the best NEWS pieces we have ever created for NIE. And judges for NIE and education publishing agree. It won the “Best New Product for Middle School” award from NIE judges for the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association this spring and a first-place gold medal in the national Distinguished Achievement Awards competition of the Association of Educational Publishers. This dynamic supplement for Grades 4-12 teaches students how the Constitution affects their lives by looking at constitutional issues and court cases that have made news in the last several years. On page after page, lessons focus on issues that affect students: free speech in schools, dress codes, music downloading, student privacy on grades, drug testing for student activities and last year’s Supreme Court ruling on school integration. It also brings students up to date on issues of national importance, including court rulings on cases involving anti-terrorism wiretapping and more. Each page is a self-contained lesson that includes a short news story, plus discussion and writing activities using the newspaper. Pages can be posted as lessons for use with your e-Editions or delivered to teachers by e-mail, as well as printed in tab form. For papers that have updated their presses, the supplement may be purchased with full color on every page, or you may choose our usual front/center/back color configuration or black and white. With purchase of this supplement your program gets FREE electronic files for a full-color classroom Constitution poster that you can brand with logos from your program or sponsors. This special supplement is the perfect companion to the elementary Constitution supplement “The First Amendment.”

Sample Newspaper Activity
The First Amendment guarantees important rights. At the same time, the Supreme Court and lower courts have restricted some rights for students in school situations. As a class, discuss how freedom of speech is not just what people say, but also what they write in books, show in movies, put on TV, include in music or wear on clothing. Discuss how free speech applies to students in schools. Then write a newspaper editorial outlining a school policy on free speech for your school district.

Sponsor Suggestion
lawyers, bar associations, civic groups, political leaders, PTAs, parent groups