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Learn with the News

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With newspapers, teachers can teach about any subject — from reading to math to science to social studies. Newspapers are also an invaluable resource for character and civic education. In this delightfully illustrated tab, students will learn the many things they can learn about by reading the newspaper. In themed sections, the supplement shows how the newspaper can be a resource for learning about such wide-ranging topics as Sports, Politics, Art, Landmarks, Writing, Women,World Leaders, Science, Social Justice and the Environment. It shows how events of the past affect events of today. And it challenges students to see how events of today will affect the future. This supplement is perfect for NIE Week the first week in March. But it also is a perfect introduction to the value of NIE at any time of year. Every page is loaded with newspaper activities tied to listed learning standards

Sample Newspaper Activity
Lady Liberty — On October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated. It was a present from France to honor America as a symbol of freedom in the world. As a class, read a story in today’s newspaper about America or the Statue of Liberty itself. Or find an example on the Internet. Then write a short paragraph about what America means to you. Afterward, discuss your ideas with your classmates.