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The First Amendment

Cover Sample Spread 
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There are many great Constitution Day supplements for middle and high school students, but few for young elementary students. This charmingly illustrated supplement remedies that. It explains the rights granted Americans in the First Amendment to the Constitution by showing elementary students how those rights play a role in the everyday activities of their lives and the lives of their families. To ensure maximum kid appeal, this tab has been illustrated by the artist who illustrated Hollister Kids’ prize-winning “Math Carnival” supplement. The full-color centerspread is a game in which students are challenged to find examples of the five freedoms of the First Amendment in an action-packed view of a city square (the centerspread could easily double as a classroom poster, or as a wrap for bundles of newspaper deliveries). With order of “The First Amendment” supplement, NIE programs also receive FREE electronic files to print Hollister’s handsome classroom poster “The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation.” NIE programs are free to brand this poster with their NIE or sponsor logos and distribute as a premium for teachers who sign up for the Constitution or other NIE programs. Created for Constitution Day September 17, “The First Amendment” tab would also be a great choice for Law Day May 1. Every newspaper activity lists the educational standards and benchmarks it is designed to teach.

Sample Newspaper Activity
In the United States, people get together in groups for many reasons. The First Amendment gives them the freedom to choose which to be part of. In the newspaper, find stories or photos of three events in which people get together. For each, write out how people enjoyed being part of the group, or benefited from gathering with others.