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Teaching Election ’08 with Your e-Edition

Cover Sample Spread 
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Presidential elections are a great teaching opportunity for schools and a great learning opportunity for students. This fall, in classrooms across the country, newspaper e-Editions will provide students a new and effective resource for following and learning about the election. To help students and teachers make the most of this new resource, Hollister Kids is offering this dynamic new Teacher Guide. This turnkey package doesn’t ask teachers who have too little time to sign up for workshops or Webinars to use your e-Edition. It’s ready to go with how-to lessons on e-Edition technology and timely, themed e-Edition activities that explore election topics ranging from campaign tactics to the issues making news to polls, character and political advertising. Written by a former political reporter for a major daily newspaper, this 40-page guide for Grades 4-12 is packed with challenging, thought-provoking activities rooted in the real world of politics and the craft of newspaper campaign coverage. All activities and activity sheets are designed to keep your e-Edition on screen at all times, and all are written to state and national education standards. This 8.5 by 11 guide can be emailed to teachers as a pdf, offered as a pulldown on your e-Edition site, made available as a download or delivered on CD. “Teaching Election ’08 with Your e-Edition” is priced by circulation at $325, $475, $625.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Election News - Even with 24-hour news on cable TV and the Internet, newspapers and their e-Editions remain the most complete, easy to use, written account of elections and election results. Divide students into groups and have each group follow coverage of election news and issues for a week. For each day, have them write out the top news in the presidential election, a statewide or district election or a local election. At the end of the week, have each group make a report to the class, summarizing the week’s most imporant news at the presidential, state or local levels of politics.