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Teaching Black History with Your e-Edition

Cover Sample Spread 
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Black History is a story of courage and strength, pain and perseverance, inspiration and liberation. It is also a story for which new chapters are written every day. Many students are now following these chapters with e-Editions, and to help students and teachers make the most of this resource, Hollister Kids is offering this dynamic Teacher Guide. This turnkey package is ready to go with how-to lessons on e-Edition technology and themed e-Edition activities that explore Black History topics and issues. All activities and activity sheets in this 48-page guide are designed to keep your e-Edition on screen at all times, and all are written to state and national education standards. This 8.5 by 11 guide can be e-mailed to teachers as a pdf, offered as a pulldown on your e-Edition site, made available as a download or delivered on CD. “Teaching Black History with Your e-Edition” is priced by circulation at $325, $475, $625.

Sample Newspaper Activity
I HAVE A DREAM TODAY — The struggle against discrimination continues long after the death of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Women, immigrants, people of color and disabled people are just a few groups of people still seeking better opportunities. Ask students to read about one such struggle in the e-Edition this week or month. Then challenge them to pretend that they are Martin Luther King Jr. and write a short speech about the issue found in the e-Edition. To help them capture King’s speaking style, have them look up speeches of his that are posted on the Internet.