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Super Skills for e-Editions

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Newspaper e-Editions are an exceptional tool for education because they offer student readers the best of both print and electronic information. They provide the structure and comprehensiveness that long have made print newspapers an effective teaching tool for improving everything from test scores to civic awareness. At the same time, e-Editions capitalize on students’ interest in Internet resources, introduce the resources of information technology and strengthen the electronic skills students will need for career success in the 21st century. This curriculum package has been created to ease the transition to electronic newspapers through a series of ready-to-use activity sheets. The package starts with activities introducing key skills needed for using e-Editions and then demonstrates how e-Editions can be effective for teaching math, science, social studies and language arts. All activities are tiered by grade level, and each includes the educational standards and skills it is designed to address. After completing the activities in this package, both students and teachers will be more comfortable and adept at navigating the dynamic, new resources of e-Editions.

Sample Newspaper Activity
SEARCH FOR THE NEWS — Every day, your e-Edition allows you to find stories that interest you. Your e-Edition also allows you to search recent editions of the newspaper for related stories. Go to a news section of the e-Edition or the sports section and scan the pages for a story that interests you. Read the story and write a short paragraph summarizing the news and explaining why it interests you. Then use the Search or Advanced Search feature in the toolbar at the top or side of the page to find stories on the same subject or team. Find the stories electronically and read them. Then write a paragraph describing how having the ability to search for recent stories can be a benefit to readers.