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Back To School e-Edition

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Students are heading back to school, and this year many of them will be learning with e-Editions for the first time. To help ease the transition, Hollister Kids has developed the curriculum package “Back to School with Your e-Edition.” This playfully designed guide starts with activities introducing key skills needed for using e-Editions and then demonstrates how e-Editions can be effective for teaching math, science, social studies and language arts. It can run as a print supplement to help teachers and students transition to electronic materials, be included in your e-Edition files or be offered as a download from your Web site. It also can be e-mailed in pdf format to teachers in your program. If you have not yet made the transition to e-Editions, you still can take advantage of this month’s half-price offer by ordering the print-only version of this supplement. And remember, when you purchase any Hollister e-Edition Teacher Guide or supplement, you receive FREE electronic files for reproducing “The e-Edition Game” we have developed for your teachers and students. The game builds e-Edition skills by challenging students to find different kinds of news and features in your e-Edition. It’s also lots of fun!

Sample Newspaper Activity
More than most music today, rap requires careful, clever use of words. Rappers stretch their thinking to make rhymes, often in new and unusual ways. This is a fresh kind of poetry. Look through today’s e-Edition and make a list of unusual or colorful words you could use in an original rap. Then stretch your imagination by coming up with rhymes for the words. Sometimes you can use two or more words to rhyme with a single word. Share your rhymes with the class.

Sponsor Suggestion
PTAs, civic organizations, back-to-school retail advertisers (co-op joint sponsorships).