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The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation e-Edition

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This supplement created for the observance of Constitution Day September 17 was a hit in market after market in 2006 and 2007. Now it has been reformatted to work as an 8.5x11 curriculum for e-Editions as well as a print supplement. The supplement explains the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and explores how each plays a part in our lives and news today. It was voted “Best New Product” for middle school by SNPA NIE judges and won a national gold medal award in the 2007 national Distinguished Achievement Awards competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP/EdPress). The supplement explains the three branches of government set up by the Constitution, explores the freedoms established in the Bill of Rights and connects constitutional issues to today’s news with a special “Constitution & You” feature that appears on every page. Included with this 16-page supplement are files for a FREE classroom Constitution poster and a set of FREE Constitution graphic organizers that makes it easy for kids to connect constitutional issues to the daily newspaper.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Freedom of speech takes many forms. It can be contained in a newspaper editorial, a movie, a song, a TV show, an ad or a video game. In teams, search the newspaper for examples of different ways people can freely express ideas and opinions. Write a paragraph describing how your life might be different if free speech were not protected by the Constitution.

Sponsor Suggestion
Civic groups, bar associations, lawyers, political parties, community leaders, government groups, city or state leaders, newspapers.