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Symbols of the Holidays e-Edition

Cover Sample Spread 
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Year after year, Hollister Kids sets you up for the holidays with supplements that are smart, colorful and proven. This year, our supplements have been formatted for use with your e-Edition. Each supplement is now available in 8.5x11 format for easy posting or download and all activities refer to your e-Edition. With this supplement, students in Grades 4 and up will take a cross-cultural look at the symbols that make holidays special while exploring how important symbols are to every religion, society, philosophy and belief. Holidays covered include Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, the Hajj, Three Kings Day, Vasant Panchami and Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese New Year. E-edition activities on every page examine today’s symbolism in everything from sports logos to art to retail advertising.

Sample Newspaper Activity
In the celebration of Christmas, the star is a great and powerful symbol. What do stars mean to you? Write a list of things that come to mind when you think about stars. For what things could stars be symbols today? Search the e-Edition and pick an action, an idea, an emotion and a person for which a star could be a symbol. List them and write a sentence for each explaining why a star would be a good symbol. Discuss choices as a class.

Sponsor Suggestion
Diversity groups, neighborhood or community organizations, ecumenical clergy associations, colleges or universities, retail holiday advertisers (co-op sponsorships).