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Teaching Hispanic Heritage with Your e-Edition

Cover Sample Spread 
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Hollister’s prize-winning education team has put together a dynamic package of activities that examine the growing influence of Hispanic Americans and explore the resources of your e-Edition. Activity sheets are offered in both English and Spanish for bilingual communities (or Spanish language classes). The 36-page package explores homelands, culture, community, geography, newsmakers and more. Priced by circulation: $325, $475, $625.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Do the Right Thing — Hispanic Americans make news every day by making positive contributions to the community, state or nation. Ask students to look through the e-Edition over several days to find a story about a Hispanic American who has accomplished something positive or worthwhile. Ask students to make oral presentations that explain who this person is, what he/she has accomplished and why it is important. Accomplishments may include such things as being elected to a public office or achieving great business success. Finish by having students draw a picture of the person they admire. STANDARDS/SKILLS: Explaining how individuals in history demonstrate good character and personal virtue; employing the skills of an illustrator.