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Finding the right career is one of the most important things a person does in life. And in these uncertain economic times, the choice takes on even more significance. This newly updated supplement for middle and high school students offers a wealth of guidance about which careers are the fastest growing and best paid and also explains what 21st century skills are most important for success in a world economy. As students move through the supplement, they will learn how to assess their strengths and interests and start building a career plan for success. Best of all, this proven learning package demonstrates how valuable newspapers, eEditions and websites are as career tools and how the Internet is changing job searches. Every page explores career issues through the news and advertising of the newspaper, eEdition or your website.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Newspapers, eEditions and media websites are a great source of information about careers and job opportunities. That information can come in many forms. Look through today’s newspaper or eEdition and find one story, one photo and one display or classified ad dealing with jobs, work or careers. For each, write a sentence or short paragraph summarizing what the story, photo or ad tells you about careers, and how the information is useful.

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