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Civil Rights

Cover Sample Spread 
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From the Abolitionist efforts of the 1800s to protests of today, the struggle for African-American equality is a story of drama, power, pain and perseverance. Perfect for Black History Month, this supplement celebrates the civil rights movement, reliving its pivotal moments, profiling its leaders, chronicling its gains in sports, entertainment, politics and the arts. Also suitable for high school students. Teacher Guide available.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Look through the television listings of your newspaper for a week. List all the regular shows that feature African-American families. Then list all the shows that feature white families. Compare the numbers. Then compare how each type of family is presented. Do the shows accurately present how people live?

Sponsor Suggestion
African American business or community organizations, lawyers or law firms, local chapters of NAACP, prominent African American sports or political leaders, corporations with diversity goals, colleges and universities, rights groups like ACLU, black clergy organizations or individual African American churches.