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Earth Day

Cover Sample Spread 
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Earth Day celebrates our planet’s many gifts to us. It also focuses our attention on the problems humans can cause or cure. This year Earth Day celebrates its 40th anniversary. This supplement written by an award-winning environmental educator poses 10 different “challenges” to engage kids in both the celebration and the search for solutions. A fresh update presents the bald eagle as a symbol of effective enviro-action. Teacher Guide also available.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Find out what’s happening in your area for Earth Day. Call your city or township, a local nature center or park, a local environmental organization, and the local newspaper. Make a classroom list of Earth Day events. Compare the events on your list to descriptions of 1970 and 1995 Earth Day events. Which does this year’s Earth Day feel more like: a party, or a protest?

Sponsor Suggestion
Environmental groups, corporations with environmental goals, environmental law groups, golf or country clubs, real estate agencies or developers, colleges and universities, “green” political candidates.