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This popular supplement for Grades 4 and Up has been updated for Earth Day’s 40th anniversary this year with a dynamic new set of chapters on environmental current events and issues. New topics in this package include the battle of Congo gorillas to survive war, a mystery in the voices of blue whales, lessons from a worldwide beach cleanup, what new data shows about rising temperatures and the lifestyle dynamics of “Going Green.” Hollister’s yearly updates of this popular tab make it newer than the newest textbooks and an always-fresh offering for environmental education. Each section comes with discussion and use-the-news activities. Dramatic nature photos enhance the enviro-friendly design. A Teacher Guide is also available.

Sample Newspaper Activity
When scientists make new discoveries, people have to decide how to use the discovery. Look through the paper today or for several days and find stories about discoveries in medicine or science. For each, list what you think would be a ?right? use and what you think would be a ?wrong? use.

Sponsor Suggestion
Environmental groups, corporations with environmental goals, environmental law groups, golf or country clubs, real estate agencies or developers, colleges and universities, “green” political candidates.