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Protect & Serve America

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The ongoing war on terrorism has made safety and security a top concern in every state. As a result, careers of public safety and security have gotten increased attention from students as they consider their options in the world of work. This supplement, which was honored for excellence in the national 2003 EdPress competition, examines the new Department of Homeland Security and the prospects for employment in public service and security professions. Careers include firefighting, police work, health, intelligence and the military.

Sample Newspaper Activity
The FBI compiles a �Most Wanted� list and posts it on its website and at the post office, so citizens can be on the lookout for criminals. Using today�s newspaper, compile your own most wanted list�for example, the top five newsmakers you want to meet, places you want visit etc. Put the items in order of most wanted and be sure to write down the page you found the item in the newspaper.

Sponsor Suggestion
Police and fire unions or auxiliaries, military bases or recruiters, civic or fraternal organizations, career counseling or placement organizations, politicians or political parties, volunteer agencies, security or defense businesses.