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Steps to Better Reading

Cover Sample Spread 
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Every child must read to succeed. And this supplement offers students step-by-step assistance for building their reading skills. With quizzes and how-to features, it takes students through a variety of reading genres and shows them how to get the most out of each type. Every category comes with a listing of books recommended by libraries or teachers. Centerspread is a chart that could anchor a sponsored reading contest.

Sample Newspaper Activity
A great reading skill to learn is identifying key parts of a plot or story. You can practice this using the newspaper. Find a news story in the local section and skim read it. Circle two key plot elements and write them on a sheet of paper. Next to each, write why you think each is important to the news story being told.

Sponsor Suggestion
Literacy groups, libraries, businesses or sports teams with literacy goals, book stores or publishing companies, PTAs or neighborhood organizations, state education departments, student testing agencies, fraternal or community groups, Rotary or Jaycees, colleges and universities.