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Strength of a Nation

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Hollister’s nationally honored “Strength of a Nation” supplement has been updated to serve as an inspirational history tab for any patriotic occasion or time. This special section examines events from U.S. history to show how the nation has met challenges and bounced back from setbacks in the past. It looks at both military and non-military events and asks students to consider how the idea of “strength” has changed for Americans since September 11, 2001 through war in Iraq. It ends by asking them to predict what will be the major developments in history in the next year. The original “Strength of a Nation” supplement was honored nationally for excellence by the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress) in its Distinguished Achievement Competition.

Sample Newspaper Activity
The actions we take today will be the lessons of history in the future. As a class, discuss what actions the United States has taken in the world in the last year, and actions that will need to be taken in the future. For each, examine what effect the action could have on the nation and the world, and how future historians might view it.

Sponsor Suggestion
Civic or fraternal associations, American Legion posts, Veterans of Foreign Wars, military bases or recruiters, military historical societies, politicians or political groups, businesses that do work for the military or military installations.