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Summer Reading

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How do you keep an NIE program active through the summer? This tab has been a hit solution from the time it was introduced. It offers tips for finding interesting books, newspaper activities to explore language and improve skills, and a chart in the centerspread in which students can log 10 weeks? worth of books they read during summer vacation. Chart is perfect for a sponsored reading contest!

Sample Newspaper Activity
Reading aloud is an important skill?and a lot of fun. Most early stories were told out loud. Reading aloud today helps build the number of words you know. And like an actor or actress, you will learn to use words in an effective way. Find a story in the newspaper that shows some action. It can be a sports story, a news story or a feature story. Read through it and think about which words should be stressed to make the listener feel the action of the story. Practice reading your story aloud in a whisper. Then read it aloud to your family or friends. Discuss how the stories helped you feel part of the action. How was hearing the story different from reading it to yourself?

Sponsor Suggestion
Literacy groups, libraries, businesses or sports teams with literacy goals, book stores or publishing companies, summer camps and recreation departments, tourist organizations, sports teams, resorts, Rotary or Jaycees, neighborhood groups, state education departments, student testing agencies, politicians, colleges and universities.