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Underground Railroad

Cover Sample Spread 
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The story of the Underground Railroad is one of the most compelling that students encounter in school. Acts of courage and compassion teach African American history with the power of humanity. This special supplement tells the tale of the Underground Railroad with anecdotes, archival photos and an innovative, interactive feature: “A Job for the History Detective.” Teacher Guide also available.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Editorial cartoons use art to state opinions. Find one in the paper and decide what is the point of the cartoon. Then draw an editorial cartoon of your own about a freedom that is important to you. Think about what you want to say about that freedom. Cartoonists sometimes use animals to represent different ideas. Is there an animal that would be a good symbol of freedom to you?

Sponsor Suggestion
African American business or community organizations, African American lawyers or law firms, local chapters of NAACP, prominent African American sports or political leaders, corporations with diversity goals, colleges and universities, black clergy organizations or individual African American churches.