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Black History

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Black History is a story of courage and strength and making gains every day. This guide ties lessons of black history to topics still making news. More than a dozen themed units use any day’s newspaper to explore freedom, heritage, culture, rights, influence, role models, mass media and more. To give NIE programs a new way to celebrate Black History Month, Hollister Kids has developed a special version of this guide in which the activity sheets have been converted to quarter-page ads for use in-paper. With this feature your program can run a Black History NIE ad every day of Black History Month! Not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Television often reflects the interests and attitudes of viewers. Ask students to look through the television listings of the newspaper and find all the regular shows that feature African American families. Have them pick three shows. Then ask them to write a short summary of how the characters are portrayed in each. Discuss whether they think the portrayals are realistic.

Sponsor Suggestion
African American business or community organizations, African American lawyers or law firms, local chapters of NAACP, prominent African American sports or political leaders, corporations with diversity goals, colleges and universities, black clergy organizations or individual African American churches.