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Just in time for Earth Day, this new e-Edition Teacher Guide has nearly 100 Earth Day activities that use the e-Edition to examine how science and biology make news and connect with the natural world. In addition to environments, habitats and wildlife, topics in this Super Size Teacher Guide include molecules, cells, genetics, evolution, organisms and populations. Each activity is followed by a reference line explaining the education standards or benchmarks addressed. Students who use this curriculum will come away with a greater understanding of life on Earth - and a greater appreciation of your e-Edition!

Sample Newspaper Activity
SOIL CONSERVATION - Plants play an important role in nature besides providing food and shelter for mammals and humans. They also are significant in soil conservation. Plants prevent soil from washing away on slopes or hills and from drying out and blowing away as dust. Have students find a photo of an outdoor scene in the e-Edition. Ask them to list all the ways plants preserve the environment in the photo. Have them write a sentence explaining the most important way plants help the environment in the photo.