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Cover Sample Spread 
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Getting back to school means getting back into the swing of things. This lively supplement is designed to use the newspaper to sharpen and refresh Language, Math/Science and Social Studies skills. Perfect for the fall start of school, January after the holidays or the week after any vacation! This tab also is a great way to introduce the newspaper and NIE programs to new teachers.

Sample Newspaper Activity
More than most music today, rap requires careful, clever use of words. Rappers stretch their thinking to make rhymes, often in new and unusual ways. This is a fresh kind of poetry. Look through today’s newspaper and make a list of unusual or colorful words you could use in an original rap. Then stretch your imagination by coming up with rhymes for the words. Sometimes you can use two or more words to rhyme with a single word. Share your rhymes with the class.

Sponsor Suggestion
PTAs, civic organizations, back-to-school retail advertisers (co-op joint sponsorships).