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Winter Sports Science: Vancouver 2010

Cover Sample Spread 
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That once-every-four-years winter sports competition is almost here again. This time the winter extravaganza will be held February 12-28 in Vancouver, British Columbia. As the world turns its attention to these contests, your NIE program should do so, too. And “Winter Sports Science” is the proven way to do it. This section examines how science and math work in various winter sports competitions. Students will learn how friction affects skating, how physics dictates what happens to hockey pucks and how gravity influences ski jumpers. Best of all for NIE managers, the all-education focus of this curriculum eliminates sponsorship and branding restrictions. Sports covered include snow boarding, ski jumping, bobsledding, speed skating, ice hockey, figure skating, freestyle skiing, biathlon, luge, cross-country skiing and curling. Content was reviewed by a panel of science teachers.

Sample Newspaper Activity
The sports section of the newspaper is packed with action every day. Professional, college, high school and international sports are all covered, as well as recreational sports. As a class, make a list of all the sports mentioned in today?s sports section. Have each student pick the Top 10 that interest him or her. Combine results and make a bar graph showing the Top 10 most popular sports in your class.