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Geography Vacation

Cover Sample Spread 
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This elementary tab explores the full range of geography subjects in the framework of planning a vacation. Sections use the news of the daily paper to look at maps, natural features, climate, boundaries, distance, countries, capitals, vegetation and natural resources. Centerspread offers kids a chance to map their own world or neighborhood. Great for Geography Month or summer!Teacher Guide also available. Materials not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Your daily newspaper reports news from all over the world. The place where each story happens is labeled in the dateline. Datelines appear at the beginning of stories that are reported from places other than the region where your paper is produced. In teams, look through the paper for datelines from foreign countries. Write down three. Then find your team’s countries on a classroom globe. Compare each location on the globe to the area where you live on the globe. Make a prediction about what kind of climate would be found in each of your foreign countries.

Sponsor Suggestion
Travel agencies, teacher unions or associations, summer retailers, resorts, airlines, hotel chains.