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Art in Earth

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This tab for elementary and middle school students uses the beauty of nature to teach concepts of art, science and even math. It also won a Gold Medal in the 2004 Distinguished Achievement Competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (EdPress)! This engaging tab was inspired by the fact that the middle three letters of the word EARTH spell ART. Illustrated with beautiful photographs, this tab teaches about shapes, patterns, textures, color, light and perspective. Art activities give students hands-on learning and crafts experience, and newspaper activities explore “Beautiful News” that can be found in any day’s paper. In addition to art, this tab teaches the geometry of shapes and patterns, the science of color and light, and the ecology of the environment. Early feedback indicates it will be a great offering for Earth Day, late spring, summer camps—or anytime!

Sample Newspaper Activity
Everything has a texture. Use the newspaper to find pictures of things with different textures. Challenge yourself to find a picture for every texture your class lists. Then make an art collage using the texture pictures you cut out of the paper. Give your collage a creative title. Display your artworks on a bulletin board or in a hallway.

Sponsor Suggestion
Art associations, local museums, galleries, gallery associations, art sponsors, environmental groups, corporations with environmental goals, colleges and universities, crafts organizations, crafts or art supply businesses.