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Fast Forward with Science

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In the 20th century, science brought incredible changes to the way we live. In the 21st century it is going to bring even more. This newly updated and dynamic supplement explores key fields that will be transformed by science and technology during students’ lifetimes. Communication, space, jobs, environment, energy and even entertainment are examined in a thought-provoking and engaging way that will spark discussion in classrooms day after day. Every page ties to the newspaper, your e-Edition or your news Web site, linking the news of the present to life in the future.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Inventions and science often make news. The discoveries of today are what lead to changes in the way people live tomorrow. Find a story about an invention or scientific breakthrough in the newspaper. Write a sentence stating what the breakthrough is. Then write a sentence stating how it could help people in the future.

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Research and technology businesses, colleges and universities, science museums.