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Build Skills for Reading

Cover Sample Spread 
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Reading well is a skill that will help students all through life. This new supplement uses lively reading samples to build comprehension skills—and show students that improving reading can be fun as well as rewarding. Each story is like those found in the daily newspaper, and this special section stresses that the newspaper is one of the best ways for students to improve reading. “Every newspaper is a little library of great reading,” the section teaches in the introduction. “And everything you read in the newspaper helps you build skills for reading.” Each sample story in the section is followed by multiple-choice comprehension questions in the style of state assessment tests. Then students are sent into the newspaper to further explore each topic—and expand their reading horizons! The section concludes with an activity in which students create their own multiple-choice questions from news stories—and offers a challenge to create a list of “best friend” books.

Sample Newspaper Activity
The federal exercise program called “VERB: It’s What You Do” asks students to pick one or more active verbs and to use those verbs as a launching pad to become more active. Search the newspaper for 10 verbs that represent physical activities. Use these verbs, along with photos and images from the paper, to create a newspaper public-service ad promoting the VERB program. Make sure your ad has an eye-catching headline to grab readers’ attention. Display and discuss ads as a class.

Sponsor Suggestion
Literacy groups, libraries, businesses or sports teams with literacy goals, PTAs or neighborhood organizations, state education departments, student testing agencies, fraternal or community groups, Rotary or Jaycees.