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Hispanic Culture & Heritage

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This special bilingual supplement explores the diversity of Hispanic culture in a bold and engaging way. Topics include entertainment, art, journalism, music, literature, dance and the Census. “Mirror” layout of English and Spanish text allows students of both languages to cross-reference. A 40-page Teacher Guide features bilingual activity sheets. Materials not available in Michigan. (Spanish-English tab “This Is Your Community” is, however.)

Sample Newspaper Activity
Hispanic performers are getting greater and greater attention. Follow the newspaper for a month and keep a log of Hispanic artists who are featured in movies, music, TV or other fields of entertainment. In your survey, be sure to include listings for TV, movies and entertainment as well as ads for shows or events. At the end of the month add up your results and write the opening for a news story about entertainment’s “Biggest Hispanic Newsmaker.”

Sponsor Suggestion
Hispanic business or neighborhood associations, corporations with strong Hispanic constituencies, Hispanic political groups or leaders, diversity groups, baseball teams, colleges and universities.