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Let’s Give Thanks

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One of the most important lessons kids can learn is to be thankful for the things that are important to us. This Thanksgiving supplement emphasizes the positive by encouraging children to give thanks for families, friends and the support and connections provided by the community. With activities and games, it also teaches them that gratitude is a character trait that will bring rewards all through life. In addition it offers a look at the cycles of life and includes a short history of the Thanksgiving holiday and crafts activities.

Sample Newspaper Activity
A food drive gets others to give food so that everyone can enjoy a Thanksgiving feast. Look through the newspaper for stories about food drives. Have your parents or teacher read these stories. Then imagine you are in charge of a food drive. How would you get others to work with you? Where would you have your food drive? Create a poster asking people to get involved and volunteer.

Sponsor Suggestion
Thanksgiving retailers (co-op sponsorships), civic or neighborhood groups, teacher unions or associations, fraternal organizations, Rotary or Jaycees, ecumenical clergy associations, political leaders or parties.