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All across the nation, teachers and NIE programs are looking for new ways to build basic skills and improve the performance of students on assessment tests. To meet the need, Hollister Kids has produced its most ambitious package of teaching materials. This collection of “Super Skills Activity Sheets” is a package of 90 standards-based newspaper activities designed to build skills in Math, Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Each academic category contains grouped activities for Elementary, Middle and High School students, and every activity sheet lists the standards addressed by the activity for easy reference. This package covers key teaching points while preparing students for tests — all the while reinforcing the value of the newspaper as a teaching tool. Best of all, it can be used for weeks and weeks, increasing circulation for your program while it improves student performance. Creative teachers can even re-use the newspaper activity sheets, because the new content of each day’s paper makes every use a new experience. These new materials, which feature fun illustrations that kids will love, are easy to reproduce, and can be delivered to teachers in printed packets or on CDs as PDFs that teachers can print out on their own. Because this package contains 90 pages of learning, it is priced the same as our award-winning supplements. Not available in Arizona.

Sample Newspaper Activity
In His or Her Shoes: Find a picture in today’s newspaper that features many different objects or people. Pick an object or a person in the picture. Imagine you are in the picture, in the place of the object or person you picked. Assuming that you are facing TOWARD the camera, describe your location. _____________________________is in front of me. _____________________________is behind me. _____________________________is to MY left. _____________________________is to MY right. _____________________________is above me. _____________________________is below me. Learning Standards/Skills: Locating and describing objects in terms of their position, including front, back, inside, outside, right, left, over, under, next to, between and locations on the number line, on a coordinate graph and on a map.

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