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Dealing With Conflict

Cover Sample Spread 
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Conflict in schools and neighborhoods once was controlled by the limits of what damage fists and feet could do. Guns and other deadly weapons have changed all that. This updated supplement takes aim at school violence like that in Colorado and California and stresses peer mediation as a way to deal with conflict before it becomes violent. Lively, original illustrations give the section attitude and kid appeal. Not available in Michigan.

Sample Newspaper Activity
As a class look through today’s newspaper for examples of different kinds of violence. On a separate piece of paper, list them and the section of the paper where you found each. Then rank them. First rank them in order of their importance to everyone in society. Then rank them in order of their importance to YOU.

Sponsor Suggestion
Children’s or community hospitals, police unions or auxiliary units, neighborhood or fraternal organizations, Rotary or Jaycees, sports teams, local TV stations.