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Drug Awareness

Cover Sample Spread 
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“Just Say No” isn’t enough. Drugs exist and kids face choices about them. With frank talk and respect, this tab gives kids the information they need to make healthy choices. It discusses legal as well as illegal drugs and the drug struggles of celebrities and athletes. Color centerspread poster for those who purchase digitally shows effects of drugs on various body parts. Great tie-in with anti-drug programs. Updated yearly.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Drugs are often in the news — drug abuse, drug fighting, drug dealing and more. As a class, search the newspaper today or for several days for stories that involve drugs. Separate the stories you find into categories under the headings �Local,� �National� or �International.� Which type of story is most common in your paper? Why do you think that is the case?

Sponsor Suggestion
State or regional anti-drug organizations, DARE or Red Ribbon programs, police unions or auxiliary units, children�s or community hospitals, neighborhood or fraternal organizations, Rotary or Jaycees, sports teams, local TV stations.