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Almost every day, the fascinating field of archaeology makes new discoveries that amaze and inform us about our world. And this lively, award-winning supplement will engage students by looking at some of the most significant breakthroughs of the last several years. Subjects include ancient ruins, shipwrecks, dinosaurs, mummies, mammoths and more. Newspaper activities on every page connect to all sciences. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series. It was doubly honored in the national 2003 EdPress awards competition.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Scientists believe the three Inca children found in Argentina were sacrificed to the mountain gods. This was not considered a cruel thing in Inca culture, but an honor. Look through today?s newspaper for ways we honor people. List three on a sheet of paper. Next to each write why being honored this way is special.

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Anthropology or archaeology museums, gifted education groups, PTAs, colleges and universities.