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Study Skills

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Class assignments tell students WHAT to study, but kids often miss out on HOW to study. This widely popular tab explores strategies for developing the skills and work habits that are key to success in school. Of special interest are sections on study styles, study settings, listening, time management and test taking. Lots of newspaper activities. Teacher Guide also available. This tab could easily be broken up and run as an in-paper series.

Sample Newspaper Activity
Look through the ads and headlines in the newspaper and cut out words that show anger or triggers for anger. Paste them in the center of a sheet of construction paper. Then look through the paper again and cut out words that seem friendly or cooperative. Paste them in a circle around your anger words. You have contained anger on your paper the way you can contain anger in your life.

Sponsor Suggestion
PTAs or neighborhood organizations, teacher unions or associations, sports teams, fraternal or civics organizations, back—to—school retailers (co—op sponsorships), literacy or self—help foundations, colleges and universities, politicians or political groups.