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New Award-Winners

Hollister Kids is pleased to announce that it has two more nationally honored supplements to offer NIE programs this year — and one voted “Best New Product” for high school by NIE judges for the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association (SNPA).

The NIE supplements “Math in the News” and “The Heritage of Jazz” were honored nationally in this year’s Distinguished Achievement competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP/EdPress). “Totally Tech: Your Complete Guide to Computers, Hardware, Software and the Internet” was honored by SNPA.

Math in the News

This middle-school follow-up to our popular “Math Carnival” tab is a piece that really adds up. It also won a gold medal in the 2006 Distinguished Achievement Awards Competition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP/EdPress). Every day, math makes news in the world, and understanding math can help students understand how the world works. Product prices, sports statistics and entertainment ratings all are based on math. So are business profits, salaries, taxes and the digital technology that drives everything from DVDs to the Internet. To help students recognize how important math is in their lives, Hollister Kids is offering this exciting new middle school supplement. In this section, students will learn to recognize the math connections in life through word problems drawn from stories that actually appeared in newspapers around the country. Use-the-newspaper activities then extend the learning as writing or discussion prompts. Act now to order “Math in the News.” Show your students that when math makes news, numbers come alive!

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The Heritage of Jazz

Jazz is a uniquely American invention, and no group played a bigger part in that invention than African American musicians. This beautifully designed supplement traces the origins of jazz, profiles jazz greats, explains the distinctions between different kinds of jazz and explores improvisation and other techniques. This tab is a great February-March offering: Start it in February for Black History Month and extend it into March, which is Music Appreciation Month. Or use it independently anytime for music history or arts education.

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Totally Tech:
Your Complete Guide to Computers, Hardware, Software and the Internet

This supplement written by a newspaper computer columnist teaches students how to make the most of advances in computers and technology, how to find what they need on the Internet and how to avoid becoming a “cyber victims.” Honored as “Best New Product for High School” by NIE judges for the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, it teaches students how to protect their computers from viruses, how to find the best software, where to get cool free stuff online, and what things are not free — or cool — to use. Best of all, it offers important lessons in critical thinking, ethics and copyright restrictions.

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Award-Winning Supplements Include:
Election: The Race for Governor (elementary)
Election, The Race for Governor (middle/high school)
Character Education English
Fitting In/Peer Pressure
Sports Science
Strength of a Nation
Protect & Serve America
Safety & Security Careers
Hispanic Culture & Heritage
Art in Earth
This Is Your Community
Science in the News
Math in the News
Math Carnival
Totally Tech: Your Complete Guide to Computers, Hardware, Software and the Internet
Mothers of the Movement
Hispanic Art & Design
The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation
The Constitution: Blueprint for a Nation e-Edition
Focus on Finance
Faces of the Future

Also honored:
Newspaper PLUS weekly feature